Jyunya has experience working as a copywriter and digital planner in a Japanese advertising agency, and becoming physically and mentally fatigued due to the long, irregular work hours. He decided to recuperate by spending a week on an uninhabited island without any timepieces. Not knowing what time it was led him to become interested in the circadian clock. His dream is to introduce to society a new way of living and working - that is, one based on the human’s natural internal clock.



Kazuki has past experience working as a developer of business support apps. His recent interest concerned attempts at improving his own work environment, as a developer, which led him to ideas such as the automated program testing tool. As an athlete himself, Kazuki is keenly aware of the importance of performance optimization, through visualization of the circadian clock.



After his role as an art director in the Japanese advertising agency Dentsu Inc., Ippei took up work in the field of business design, in Portland, USA. He enjoys rugby as a hobby and trains three times a week. One of his personal themes is the realization of a healthy physical and mental state, a theme which he has carried over to his work in O: inc with the aim of providing benefit to society.



Asumi is certified as a social insurance labor consultant. Through her past experience in this role within a human resource department of a company, she came to question what the term “superintendent of human resources” actually meant, and as a result aimed at putting her belief of “human resources to support the realization of the team’s dream” into actual practice. She felt strong affinity with the concept of o: inc, and decided to join the company at its foundation stage.

SUDOH Eishun

Medical Adviser

Eishun is a licensed doctor as well as JMA-licensed industrial doctor. After graduating from a medical college in Japan he started work at the Showa University Hospital as a psychiatrist and physician. Based on his interests in music, design and culture since his teenage years, he has been experimenting with approaches that combine creative and IT with healthcare, to increase the awareness of healthcare among the younger generation. While he already has his own company, Acculturations inc., in his work at O: inc he aims to help in the establishment and branding of new types of healthcare facility that respond to the needs of the younger generation.