Redefining Chrono

Live in your true timeline by understanding your circadian clock.

Although technology enables ever more convenience,
human beings are becoming increasingly restricted by time

The digital world continues to evolve at unrelenting pace,
driving us farther and farther away from our natural way of living as human beings.

That’s why we believe the people of the world need to know about their circadian clock.

The time kept by your circadian clock is unique to your inner self.
It will inform you how to live your day-to-day life.

The circadian clock will revolutionize our concept of “time” as we know it, something that’s been around for 4,000 years, and return human beings to their natural state of living.

We believe it offers the ultimate solution to disease prevention, as well as the key to a happier life.

Let’s all live in a world under a new definition of time!




※ 三島和夫編「睡眠科学 最新の基礎研究から医療・社会への応用まで」(2016/化学同人社)参照、一部加筆

What we do

※ 睡眠障害による日本の経済損失は年間約5兆円(医療費含む)

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